"Food and Welfare" Association

Was founded with the main purpose to promote and preserve the tradition of the Albanian food and products, and to increase the quality of service in the field of hotel and tourism.

Since hospitality and tourism is a very important part of Albania, we are totally focused on positive improvement, standardization, and promotion of better conditions for the development of this industry in Albania.

Through our program we have the goal to offer membership of the local manufacturers, bars, restaurants, hotels and individuals that are part of this sector. Our aim is to reach great participation in order to be able to raise a generation of professionals to serve the Tourism and Hospitality industry Albanian tradition.


The Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association organize for the second time, the International Gastronomy Competition, in the categories: ▪Cook ▪Pizza ▪Barman Where will participants from all over the world. As well as Yuri from World Chefs Organization. The applications can be done at Or near our offices. For more info you can contact us in […]

Registrations for the 9 months cooking course are opened :

 September 2017 - June 2018 

We remind you that the group has only 15 students, and they have a guaranteed job as they have the member status of your NGO :


Send us an email to register as a member to our organisation and you will see the benefits of being e member right away.